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Conductive Bag

Conductive Bag


It produces 3 types of conductive Big-Bag.

Type A : These bags, produced from non-conductive fabric, do not require precautions against electrostatic charge. It should not be used in explosive gas and dust environments.

Type B : Big Bags produced from fabrics with a resistance voltage not exceeding 6 kV and made of non-conductive material, the surface of the bag should be free of substances such as water, oil, and there should be no clips or tools in contact with the bag surface in order to prevent spark formation.

Type C : Type C bags are produced from non-conductive fabrics that have conductive fibers on them at certain intervals. These conductive fibers must be in contact with each other with a resistance of less than 10 to the 7 ohms and must be grounded during the charge/discharge phase. These bags prevent the flammable gases created by the transported material during filling and discharging, at the same stage, to discharge the static energy that may occur with the friction of the bag and the material, by grounding, thus preventing sparks that may arise.


It can be produced with 5:1, 6:1 and 8:1 safety coefficients from 500 kilos to 2,000 kilos. Conductivity feature can be added to Standard or Q Big Bags.


Usage Area: Conductive Big Bags should be used when filling and discharging are required in explosive substances or environments.

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