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Discharging Systems

Flat Base

Such bags are discharged by cutting the bottom part. This is the most economical discharging system (single use only). It is also used for packaging wastes that will be buried or burned together with the bigbag. In the construction industry, flat bottom bigbags are emptied by turning them upside down.

Discharging Spout

It is the standard option for emptying bigbags. The diameter range varies from 25 cm to 65 cm. The length of the spout must be at least the value of the diameter. Default length is 50 cm.

There are 3 binding options for the Discharging Spout

                      • Standard – Lashings 2*60 cm long sewn on the middle of the spout
                      • Swan Neck – Spout folded and tied twice
                      • B-Lock – The plastic lock, whichis suitable for manual adjustment of the material flow.

Pioneer Spout

It provides an additional protection to prevent the spout from being damaged during the transportation of the Bigbag.

Pioneer is sewn from lightweight fabric, when tied, the bottom of the Bigbag resembles a flat base.


Starbase Spout

It is a special type of Pioneer closure that is made of body fabric and looks like a star.


Conical Base

Bigbags with Conical Base are easy to discharge. Some materials tend to accumulate in the corners of the Bigbag, which creates problems when discharging the material, so the end-user may need to shake the Bigbag to discharge the material. If a conical base is used in these cases, the material easily discharges by flowing into the spout.

Spout + Flap

The cover is made of body fabric. It protects the bottom of the bigbag from humidity.

The cover is attached to the bottom of the bigbag with mutually sewn lashings.


The skirt is used to close the bottom of the bigbag. When the skirt is opened, the whole bag opens. The skirt cannot withstand heavy loads, so it should usually be closed with a flap or rosette skirt system. The bottom skirted Bigbag is used for materials that are difficult to discharge from the spout.

Skirt + Flap

In this case, the flap mostly serves to carry the load of the Bigbag. Made of body fabric, it is fixed on the bottom as sewn to an edge and tied to the other 3 edges.

Rosette Skirt

The rosette is a closure system that provides protection to the skirt made of body fabric.