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Filling Systems

Open Top

  • Easy filling
  • Cost effective

When weatherproof solutions not required, this is the best option for cost effectiveness. Suitable for building elements such as stone, sand, and other materials. These bags can be filled manually or automatically. The fabric is folded at top, to avoid sharp edges.


  • Sunlight Protection
  • Semi-protected shutdown. There may be contamination

The closure is sewn to the bag on single side and the opposite side has binding lashings. It covers the material.


  • Perfect covering
  • No automatic filling machines required
  • Alternative to filling spout

The skirt is sewn to the upper edges of the body. It protects the material from external influences. The height of the skirt is proportional to the size of the bag. These bags preferred often when materials need to be protected.

Filling Spout

  • The best protection
  • Requires filling machine

The filling spout consists of a cover with a pipe that has a closure tape, which ensures the protection of the filled material. It is designed to meet the needs of companies that have machines for filling material. Spout diameters and lengths may differ and are made according to the customer’s requirements. The most common dimensions are between 30 and 50 cm diameters with 50 cm length.

Spout + Flap

  • Double shielded material
  • Additional opening/closing operation

It is a special filling type that includes both spout and flap and provides additional protection to the spout. The spout and flap have special ties for binding. While the spout provides protection of the materials from external factors, the cover provides an additional protection to the spout.

Spout with Conical Base

  • Better use of fillable space

A special kind of bigbag. The top lid is tapered for maximum use of space in the bag body. This type of bigbag inlet is required when there is a problem with maximum use of space in the upper corners of the bag.

Filling Systems for Single or Double Loop Bags

Bigbags with one or two loops have slightly different filling options compared to standard four loop bigbags.

The most common filling variants are: open top and top spout.

Filling Systems for Vented Bags

For the Vented bag, it is possible to use a skirt made of ventillated fabric that provides better ventillation.

Filling Systems for UN Bags

Dangerous goods are carried in UN Bags, so they should be covered with a spout or skirt to keep them closed.