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Clean Bag

Clean Bag

We are aware of the needs of our companies that need to carry hygienic materials. Hygienic BigBags are made of 100% polypropylene and LDPE / LLDPE inner linings are sewn when necessary. These BigBags are manufactured in our Clean Rooms, which are tasked with complying with the highest hygiene standards.


Quality process control consists of three stages; material inspection and testing, process inspection and testing, and final quality control.


At the final stage of the manufacturing process and prior to palletisation, each Big Bag is inspected by quality control personnel to ensure all specifications meet the customer’s specification.


Our employees are trained to operate and understand the food grade Big Bag. We are constantly innovating our manufacturing facility to achieve the highest standards for the food grade Big Bag.

The most common filling and discharging options

If you are undecided between the options, please contact our sales team who will complete your big bag design.

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