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Liner Options

Bags with an inner liner can protect the material perfectly. It offers the best solution for materials that require a high degree of purity during packaging. PE Liner covers the inner side of the Bigbag, so that the material does not come into contact with the fabric or the seams.

For very fine particulate or fluid materials, sealing with only dustproof cord is generally not sufficient.

In these cases, PE Liner is used for preventing any leakage.

Liner Forms

The PE-Liner may be in the form of a tube or in the form of a bottle. There’s a special type of PE-liner that has inner panels and resembles a Q-Bag.

PE Tube

Bigbags with tubular liners are usually welded at the bottom.

Bottle Type

They are bottle-shaped liners that follow the shape of the Bigbag in the upper and lower spouts. They provide a smooth material flow in the Bigbag.

Gambo Liner

Gambo liners have panels inside the liner, just like Q-Bags. These panels serve to keep the liner in shape.


                                                        Tube Liner                         Bottle Liner                          Gambo Liner

Fixing PE Liners to Bigbag

PE Liners can be inserted to the Bigbag in various ways.

Freely Inserted

The liner is put inside the Bigbag without being attached to the body. Loosely placed Liners are mostly used for simple Bigbags and are chosen by customers because of their low price.

Tabbed Liner

The liner is fixed to the eight corners of the Bigbag with eight tabs. This effectively prevents the movement of the liner inside the Bigbag, which will cause problems during filling and discharging.

Sewn Liner

The liner is fixed to the Bigbag by being sewn along the entire height of the Bigbag at the four side seams. The liners sewn along the whole body are fixed more strongly than the fixing with the tab in the Bigbag. The movement of the liner is effectively inhibited.

Glued Liner

PE Liner is fixed to Bigbag body with glue. This is the option that provides the tightest connection.


Liner’s Technical Specifications

The dimensions of the PE Liner are generally determined by the dimensions of the Bigbag. Depending on the type and purpose of the material, the liner thickness can usually be between 50 and 130 μicron. The PE Liners we use are made of 100% Pure LDPE or other materials according to the customer’s request.

Liners for TYPE C Bigbags

There is an electrostatic special Liner type for Type-B and Type-C Bigbags.

Liners for Single or Double Loop Bigbags

Almost all of these type of bags has a liner.

Liners for Food Grade Bags

Liner can meet the needs for Bigbag in food industry.