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Lifting Systems

Standard (4 corners) Loop

The default and the most common type of loops. Bigbag has 4 loops each one at the all four corners. The bigbag can be lifted from the top with a forklift by handling all four loops. Bigbag usually requires a forklift operator and a worker who helps the forks pass through the loop eyelet. The loop height (free height) from the top of the bigbag depends on customer requirements. Mostly the free part of the loop is 25 cm or 30 cm, but may also be 60 cm so that all four loops can be held with a single hook. The width of the webbings and the length of the loop legs (which the loops are sewn to the bag body) vary depending on the SWL and SF values ​​of the FIBC.

                            • Most common
                            • Easier to handle
                            • Lower price

Loops can be made of Monofilament or Multifilament webbings.

Monofilament Loop
                      • Default option
                      • Rigid material “Makes column rigid and upright.”
                      • Lower price
                      • More color options (white, blue, black, red, green, …)
Multifilament Loop
                      • Soft material “loop does not stand fixed”
                      • Higher price
                      • Fewer color options
Stevedore Loops

Stevedore loops, supports the corner loops of a big bag during transportation. A four-loop bag needs to be lifted from four points, whereas the stevedore loops make it possible to lift from only two or one point. Stevedore loops can be designed in several ways:

  • Single stevedore pulled through all four corner loops to tie them all together
  • Double stevedores connecting every two corner loops
  • Four supporting rings on each individual corner loop
  • Stevedore loops make handling easier.
Cross Corner Loop

Cross Corner bigbags are formed by loops sewn at eight points at opposite corners. Thus, the loops gain width with a larger angle. Cross corner bigbags are generally made of tubular fabric.

  • Safer and easier to handle
  • Higher price, compared to the standard loops
Single and Double Loop

Bigbags with Single / Double loops are simpler and more economical than Bigbags with 4 corner loops. The loop handles can be made in different colors for easier identification of the products.
Single/Double Loop bigbags provide the advantage of being carried by vehicles such as cranes.

  • Easiest forwarding to the end user without forklift
  • Can’t be formstable, like Q-Bag.
Tunnel Loop

A special type of loop made of body fabric. The tunnels provide a practical and easy-to-use handling by a forklift during the transport of the Bigbag.

  • Can be lifted only 2 ways, not 4 ways.
  • Cannot be lifted with hook or crane.
Base Loop

Extra loops can be added to the bottom of the bag to ease the discharging. These loops are used for lifting the bag sideways. Mainly preferred in the industries like construction and mining.

  • Easier discharging.



It is a special type of loop with a carbon strip inside. Type C loops are usually yellow or white.


Some bags are made with perimeter bands. It is sewn all along the top of the bag body, to make it stay firm.