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Fabric weight mostly depends on the SWL and SF of the big bag. Usually, the customer does not need to decide what fabric strength the bag should have, as this is decided by Slingsan sales representatives according to SWL and SF and related certificates. However, a customer can always request an increase in fabric weight to have an even stronger big bag. A higher fabric weight (g/m²) will cause a full bag to make a smaller belly and make the bag more resistant to physical damage. Standard fabric weights are 165 Gr/m², 180 Gr/m² and 200 Gr/m² and 240 Gr/m².


Top and bottom spouts and skirts are generally made of 70 g/m² light weight. It is coated as default. The main advantages of using a lightweight fabric are that the fabric is smooth so it is easier to fold, unfold and tie.


Big Bag fabric can be coated or uncoated.

Coating is an additional layer of polypropylene of 30 g / m2. This makes the fabric waterproof, so moisture cannot pass through the fabric and at the same time thin materials are prevented from leaking through the fabric. Coated bags should not be preferred in cases where the load in the bag needs to breathe.


The most common color for FIBC is white with almost 95% market share. We can produce any color fabric, but it will only be economical for large orders. Regardless of the color of the fabric, it can be printed.


Slingsan uses 150kly UV protection as standard in all its fabrics. This means that the fabric exposed to sunlight for more than one year can retain 50% of its initial strength. 150kly equates to sun exposure in the most southern belt of Europe.